Update VCA 6 and VCA 6.5 to avoid SKD 443 VCA Crash

Using VCA (vCenter Appliance) and come across the error below?

Do you have an all flash SAN?

You may need to update your vCenter!

I just set up a new All-Flash EMC Unity Array, and for the second time in about two weeks, vCenter had an internal Database fill up and take vCenter down, resulting in the “Could not connect to one or more vCenter Server Systems :443/sdk” error.

VMware has addressed this in updates for both VCA 6 and VCA 6.5. If you have experienced this issue you should.

  1. Have your root password ready for vCenter. Have your Customer ID handy.
  2. Snapshot your VCA.
  3. Call support and get VMware on the case, Reference KB 2148199.

VMware should clear the DB, and offer to update the VCA. Take them up on it if you are in a position to, that way you have a tech already connected if something goes wrong!

From VMware:


-When taking a backup of the large vmdk file, vCenter Server goes into unresponsive state.

-Map Disk Region events are generated continuously.


-When you take a backup of the vmdk file using the SAN transport mode, Map Disk Region call is initiated by VDDK to obtain the mapping of the disk. If disk is large or highly fragmented, multiple calls are initiated to obtain the mapping across the disk. Every time a call is initiated, vCenter Server events get updated with the call info as Map Disk Region. vCenter Server database is filled with Map Disk Region events and vCenter Server becomes unresponsive.

-This issue is resolved in VMware vCenter Server 6.0 Update 3 and VMware vCenter Server 6.5 Update 1d , available at VMware Downloads.



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