Ghost Move Requests in Exchange

Ghost Move Requests in Exchange

Are you trying to remove an Exchange Database, but it won’t let you because you have pending move requests, yet you do not see any pending move requests in the Exchange Management Console?

I ran into this issue recently, and it was hard to dig into information. Not all of it was accurate, commands seemed to not function as blogs told me they would. To resolve this issue, I had to piece together different pieces of information to get my desired results. Hopefully I can summarize them for you in an easy to understand way and provide a simple solution.

This issue is usually caused by doing a move request (exporting a mailbox maybe?) and not clearing the move request before deleting the mailbox.

The first thing we need to do is find these “Ghost” Move Requests. To do so, type:

Get-MoveRequestStatistics -MoveRequestQueue “DataBaseNameInQuotes”

(You can try it with and without the -MoveRequestQueue, I find choosing DB with Queue is easier when you have multiple DB’s)


This should return all the “Ghost” move requests, in a format like:


Now to clean these out you will have to run the following command:

Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus StatusGoesHere | Remove-MoveRequest

You will have to run this command for each of your status. In the above example you would run these commands to clear the Que.

Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus Queued | Remove-MoveRequest

Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus InProgress | Remove-MoveRequest

Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus Completed | Remove-MoveRequest

If you have any problems or find this information inaccurate, please comment below.

*Tested on Exchange 2010

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