Backup SQL 2016sp1 Cluster with Veeam 9.5u3 and Veeam Windows Agent

Backup SQL 2016sp1 Cluster with Veeam 9.5u3 and Veeam Windows Agent

Backup SQL Cluster with Veeam 9.5u3 Windows Agent Paid Version



Limitations for Failover Cluster Support

Failover cluster support in Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows has the following limitations:

  • Backup of failover clusters is supported in Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows managed by Veeam Backup & Replication only. You cannot process a failover cluster by Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows operating in the standalone mode.
  • Backup of CSV (Cluster Shared Volumes) is not supported. Cluster disks used as CSV are automatically excluded from backup.
  • AlwaysOn Availability Groups based on multiple Failover Cluster Instances are not supported.
  • AlwaysOn Cluster less Availability Groups are not supported.
  • Backup of Storage Replica log volumes is not supported. Because of Microsoft VSS limitations, if you add a cluster node with such a volume to a Veeam Agent backup job, the cluster node will hang. To learn more, see

I just finished building a SQL 20016sp1 Cluster. It is running on VMware 6.5/ Server 2016, using shared VMDK’s as the clustered disks. I needed a solution to back this up as Veeam does not natively let you back up clusters (due to the inability to snapshot them). I came across a new add-on product of theirs, Veeam’s Windows Agent, and decided to give it a go. Here are some requirements to make this work. Once you have the Agent installed, you have two tasks to accomplish, creating the Protection Group, and Creating the Backup.

-Requirement: Server 2008r2 or Later

-Requirement: Veeam 9.5u3 with Windows Agent Installed.

-Requirement: Turn on File and Printer Sharing on the machines to be backed up.

-Requirement: Machines must be members of the same domain.

Note: You can use these instructions for various applications that run on different platforms, refer to the supported applications list above to see what’s supported.

-Supported Applications:

Creating the Protection Group

# Click on the Inventory tab and select Physical & Cloud Infrastructure

# Click Create a Protection Group and name it.

# On the next screen, Select Microsoft Active Directory Objects. Select your CLUSTER object.

is the symbol.

# Make Sure under Exclusions “Al Virtual Machines” is UN-CHECKED.

# Set up the when to scan AD for cluster members, please note the Perform Reboot Automatically if Required setting. I suggest you put a lot of thought into testing and whether or not to set it. You may not want to do this in production.

# Review and Apply, you now have a protection group! Let it complete the scan, and if all goes well, you should now see each member of your cluster in the protection group.

Backup SQL Cluster with Veeam 9.5u3: Part 2- Backing up the Protection Group

-Requirement: Veeam Service Account Must Have Sysadmin Access to SQL to back it up. (You may be able to lower this requirement for security, I recommend researching this).

Open the Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5u3 Console.

# Create a New Backup -> Windows Computer (not VMware vSphere even if you are using VMware to do this like me).

# Select Failover Cluster Note: Your only option is Managed by backup server for the cluster, because it needs a little “intelligence” behind the backup.

# Select the Entire Protection Group

# Entire Computer My Cluster is only two nodes and not stretched between locations, if it was bigger I would do a Volume level backup.

#Select your storage.

# Enable Application-Aware Processing – I really want Veeam to handle my SQL Backups without need to back it up any other way. Make sure you have an account that has the access you need to the database.

Before you schedule the job, test it out and see how it runs. If it works, set the schedule, and you are now backing up a SQL Cluster (or other application) with Veeam Backup & Replication v9.5u3 Microsoft Windows Agent! Now say that 10 times fast. As always use the comment section if I can help you with this.



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